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Have been having some nasty stabs in the last few weeks. Seems I'm either too feckless, too thoughtless, too lazy, too forgetful, too unreliable - just generally not good enough.

Worse part is, I don't know if this me just being a spaz, me projecting or if certain people just need to be reminded that I did not ask to born.


I wonder sometimes if it's worth even trying to keep up, subvert it. It's never going to be good enough, so why stress myself out over it?

Whatever. Going to read fanfic and watch nice videoes on YouTube until this feeling goes away.
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Hunting [fic]

Title: Hunting
Author: shadowbyrd
Rating: R for potty-mouth.
Fandom: Oz
Word Count: 938
Summary: Beecher on life and death in Oz.
Warning(s): Spoilers up to mid series three.
Disclaimer: Oz doesn't belong to me. Would be awesome if did, given that I was nine when it started.
A/N: This was actaully meant to be Crazy!Beecher, 'cause I love that fucked-up shell of a man, but it didn't really go that way.

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